Code Metrics for Visual Studio 2008

Visual Studio 2008 continues its thrust in helping you write secure and better code according to Somasegar's Weblog. The Visual Studio code analysis team is adding some new features, including Code Metrics to VS 2008. The tool allows you to get an overall view of your code's health, but dig deep into those unmaintainable and complex areas.

Code Metrics will ship with five metrics:

  • Cyclomatic Complexity

  • Depth of Inheritance

  • Class Coupling

  • Lines of Code

  • Maintainability Index

Other new features include Code Analysis Poligy that help you ensure that code analysis is run before every check-in. There's also some usability improvements, including better guidance and providing how policy settings are applied to projects. The improvements include:

  • Support for newer language features, such as anonymous methods and lambda expressions

  • Skip over tool-generated code

  • New analysis, including rules around security, globalization, maintainability, and spelling

  • Better support fo C++?CLI and Compact Framework

  • Performance improvements: 2x in analysis time and half the memory

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