Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation System Power Tools Released

The latest version of the Power Tools for Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server is now available for download.  This release of the Power Tools includes to new features:

  • Team Foundation Server Best Practice Analyzer - This diagnostic tool helps a TFS adminstrator gather configuration information about a TFS deployment, perform tests on a server, analyze the test results, and ultimately provide links to articles to resolve warnings and errors.  In addition, the best practice analyzer can be used to perform these tasks:

    • Verify a TFS deployment is configured according to recommended best practices

    • Determine configurations that differ from default, recommended, or required settings

    • Identify problems in an unhealthy TFS deployment.

  • Work Item Templates - This feature supports an ability to create, apply, capture, and set default work item templates.  Templates can be used to create or update work items, and they can automatically set field values.  Ultimately, this helps reduce the number of steps to create or update a work item.

This release of the Power Tools is only compatible with Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation System.  Visual Studio 2008 support will be coming later this year.

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