Early peek at How to Light up Windows Server 2008

So what are the key technologies in Windows Server 2008 that independent software vendors (ISV's) can use right away to gain strategic advantages? And once I figure out how they fit into my product, how do I go learning about them? And after that, how to I get the world to notice that I a leader in my community?

How to Get a Strategic Advantage using Windows Server 2008

In his blog in Developer Meet Server, Jason Olson has compiled a list of ways to add value to your application using the Windows Server 2008 platform. His article describes in depth how to How to Light Up Your Applications on Windows Server. They are:

  • Build Flexible Applicaitons

  • Build Connected Systems

  • Develop Federation Aware Applications

  • Design Highly Manageable Applications

  • Develop More Reliable Applications

  • Build for Scalability

  • Go Virtual

How to Take Advantage of the New Features

There's lots of features that you can take advantage of. And you can learn more about them in a blog entry Windows Sever 2008 Developer Training Kit for Beta 3. There are seven hands on labs all based on the pretty close to real life DinnerNow scenario. [You can't actually order dinner on DinnerNow.] The blog entry shows who to install and use the kit to get started on these technologies, and how you can incorporate the features in your products, and where to get the beta bits for Windows Server 2008. Here's a quick list of the key labs:

You can download the kit at Windows 2008 Developer Training Kit Download Site.

Light up Your Application with Your Customers

Which brings us to the last question of letting everyone know that you're leading your industry. There are several ways for ISV's to light up Windows Server 2008 that Jason describes in his blog entry Top Ways To Light Up Your Apps On Windows Server "Longhorn"

Jason describes two programs that will let Microsoft and your customers know that you're ready for the next wave. The Innovate On Windows Server offers two ways to bring your application to the top. These are:

The Certified for Windows Server 2008 provides the most visible benefit of the program, the Certified for Windows Server 2008 logo. When displayed on your product packaging and promotional materials, it helps customers instantly recognize that your applications have met higher standards of reliability, security, and compatibility.

The new Works with Windows Server 2008 program establishes baseline application compatibility with the new Windows Server 2008 operating system.

What it adds up to

The result is that your applicaiton is highlighted on your site and within Microsoft as a leader in your industry. You can find out more by following the links in this posting. Find out more about how you can adopt the latest technologies at http://www.innovate-on.com

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