Software Licensing and Protection Services (SLP Services) Helps ISVs Protect, Package, License and Activate their Software Products

Microsoft announced on July 10, 2007 at Worldwide Partner Conference a new suite of products called Microsoft Software Licensing and Protection Services (SLP Services for short).  The products comprise a set of tools designed for companies that develop software - from ISVs selling software to those working on internal line-of-business applications - to help protect their intellectual property (IP), easily and flexibly create and license product versions, activate users and track product and feature usage, and streamline their customer and asset management. 

Beginning in October, 2007 the Microsoft® SLP Online Service Basic will be included in the MSDN® Premium subscription.  Developers at ISVs will have the ability to protect their .NET applications from reverse-engineering, provide strong and flexible licensing and activation for managed and unmanaged products, and manage customers and assets efficiently through integration with the software supply chain. 

Microsoft SLP Services enable ISVs to:

  • Protect their IP from theft and piracy

  • Package their applications and realize SKU Agility for their business

  • Gain positive control of access and usage of their products for delivering value to users

  • Use activation to help secure their products and managing their customers

This is accomplished through SLP Services products by:

  • Customer-unique code transformation combined with strong activation

  • Flexible and innovative licensing models (trials, upgrade, per use/per feature)

  • Integration with complementary systems such as ERP, CRM, and Sales

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