Microsoft Introduces Tafiti

Microsoft today announced the availability of Tafiti, a Silverlight-based search tool on top of Microsoft's Live Search engine.  Tafiti, which means "do research" in Swahili, enhances searching on the web by allowing users to store and share search results across multiple queries and sessions.  This is accomplished by using "shelfs" to store one or more search results simply by dragging the search result onto one of five shelf spaces.  Shelfs can then be stored for future use, or can be emailed or blogged about with ease.

Tafiti includes a carousel to simplify the organization of returned search results.  By rotating the carousel, one can access search results from the web, images, news, RSS feeds, or books.  Tafiti also supports a Tree View where by search results are placed on the limbs of a tree which can be rotated and zoomed as necessary to visualize the search result.

Channel 10 has a first look video on Tafiti and its development.

To try this exciting new search tool, please visit

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