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As our ISVs continue to gain interest in virtualization, we are frequently asked about Microsoft virtualization products and software virtualization with SoftGrid. Until recently there has been relatively little information available on SoftGrid, but after spending a couple of days searching internally and externally I managed to locate some great resources that I would like to share.


Intro and Training

First and foremost is a one hour video that really does an excellent job explaining and demonstrating SoftGrid. This video covers discovery, packaging, deploying, consumption and management. You can watch that video here:


Some additional videos from the SoftGrid Website:

Guided tour of SoftGrid

SoftGrid: The Future of Software


Microsoft has partners that we have deemed "Certified" for SoftGrid training. You can see a list of those partners here:


Microsoft Partners can measure their SoftGrid knowledge here:



Obtaining and Licensing

SoftGrid is part of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP), which you can read about here:


MDOP is licensed thorough Microsoft Software Assurance, or as part of an Enterprise Agreement:


Additional Vista Enterprise and MDOP videos can be seen here:


MDOP can also currently be downloaded from MSDN under the Servers branch (Desktop Optimization Pack 2007).

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