Video Carousel – Silverlight 1.0 RC

Some of my colleagues will be more than a little surprised to see me blogging about Silverlight… It's a great technology, don't get me wrong, but on my team I'm better known for my passion of PowerShell and things plumbing related… certainly not web, graphics and video! Alas, despite the potentially gratuitous use of video and graphics, I had a need for demonstrating Silverlight and the MediaElement for a community service project I'm working on. Intrigued by an earlier version of a Silverlight video carousel I found on Lester's blog, I decided to update this for the Silverlight 1.0 Release Candidate (RC).

p.s. It was also fun to do ;-). Preview static image below, the source is attached.

Comments (4)

  1. Verat says:

    the attached unable to download. is it still available?

  2. Brajesh Sharma says:

    I am unable deployed Silverlight video carousel sample code on my machine due to WPF/E plugin.

    The javascript code not able detect the version of WPF/E or WPF/E plugin. I am also not able to find the installer for WPF/

    Looking for your feedback/suggection on the same.

  3. jpelak says:

    Hi Brajesh,

    You might need to uninstall the version of WPF/E (now called Silverlight) on your machine, and then install the released version and try again.

    The uninstall is usually launched from Control Panel’s Programs (or Add/Remove Programs) list.  If you don’t find an option to remove WPF/E or Silverlight there, please ping us back here.



  4. jpelak says:

    …an additional suggestion…

    You might want to look at for up-to-date news and info about Silverlight.

    You can find samples like this and many more there in the gallery.


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