Installing VS 2008 Beta 2?

I'll trust that many of you have heard the buzz and kicked off your downloads of Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 with .NET FX 3.5 Beta 2??? A quick gotcha for you bleeding edge types; we all know that thou shall not run beta software on their production systems, right? Ok, so I'm the first to admit I have sinned. I'm a sinner… I fly without a net sometimes and put faith in my fellow Microsoft dev-div brethren. Not only do I run VS 2008 Beta 2 on my prod laptop, but I installed it side-by-side with VS 2005! GOSH ;-)! Not recommended, but it does work. The one gotcha you should be aware of is that if you are running VS 2005 Team Suite edition, be sure to install the VS 2008 Team Suite Beta 2 otherwise the install fails. I tried this on two different Vista x64 systems and had the same problem, I downloaded the Team Suite edition and both installed just fine. Happy beta testing!

Comments (3)

  1. Sangita says:

    Plase guide to installing VS 2008 Beta

  2. jasondel says:

    ScottGu has a good guide on what’s new and how to install: also take note that VS 2008 will run side by side with VS 2005 as Scott mentions here:

  3. VictorVictor says:

    Has, or is anyone writing a textbook to show how to use VWD 2008 Express Beta 2? Or VS 2008 Beta 2?  Something more than just a paragraph or two on some new features.

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