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Well, as we cross into our new fiscal year, we all get tasked with spending some time to think about what did and did not go well, and what to do to make things go better.  Since I'm on point for this blog, I'd like to share our team's thinking with you and let you know that we'll be refreshing the blog in the near future.

Last FY, we had a good volume of posts, most of which were informative, and some of which were of high qualtity.  We had hoped that this blog would provide information useful to our ISV partners from both a business and a technical standpoint, and it appears that we achieved that goal (at least to some extent.)  We had also hoped that people would make read and make use of this information, and it appears that we achieved that goal as well.

However, the team felt we could and should improve the following:

·         Look/feel – we chose a simple style from the list available, but apparently there are more options available – we'll refresh the look and feel of the blog after a thorough evaluation of choices

·         Tagging – this is a useful feature, but we don’t do this as well as we could/should – look for simpler tagging scheme to be implemented, and look for us to re-tag all past postings and properly tag all forthcoming ones

·         Style/tone – So, is it a bulletin board for events?  is it a site for deep dives on new technologies?  Is it a place where ISVs go to learn how to better navigate Microsoft?  Apparently it’s all of those and yet it’s not quite any of those - we'll tune things so that the blog rises to the level of being all of the above

·         Community – We didn’t tap into comments, links, or other community building features of the medium as much as we could’ve - we're aiming to change that.

We greatly appreciate your readership and feedback, and would love to hear from you if there's anything you'd like us to add, modify, or delete.



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