Acropolis Blog explains how Acropolis merges with SCSF and CAB

Glenn Block's blog My Technobabble provides an overview of Acropolis, the future of Smart Clients.

In Block's most recent post, Acropolis, the future of Smart Client, he ties together the role of Acropolis with the Patterns and Practice's team Composite UI Application Block (CAB) and the recent release of the Smart Client Software Factory (SCSF).

Block explains that there will be a migration path from the recently updated SCSF to Acropolis.

Block explains that Acropolis is the Windows Presentation Foundation Smart Client tool where you will build parts, behaviors, navigation, and even business logic (via Windows Workflow Foundation) in the Acropolis designer.

The Acropolis Community Technology Preview (CPT) and documentation is available at

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