Under Utilized ISV Resource

The Microsoft Partner Program provides ISVs with many valuable resources.  I am always surprised at how few of our ISV partners are aware of and utilize the ISV Advisory Service.  This service provides proactive support beyond your break-fix product maintenance needs including:

  • Best practice recommendations
  • Code Samples

    • Demonstrating how to use or access Microsoft technologies
    • Feature/function call sequence demonstration

  • Limited Scope Reviews

    • Architecture reviews
    • Application design reviews
    • Code reviews
    • Workshops and Tech-Talks delivered via Microsoft Live Meeting

All ISVs that participate in the Microsoft Partner Program have access to the Advisory Serivce:

    • Empower ISVs are granted 10 hours
    • Certified ISVs are granted 15 hours
    • Gold Certified ISVs are granted 20 hours

The folks who provide this service are extremely talanted and extremely helpful.   Every single partner I work with who has utilized their assistance have been pleased and impressed.

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