Silverlight 1.1 Developer Roadmap

Silverlight is a hot topic and we're getting really great questions daily. Questions like what OSs are supported, which browsers are supported, what tools are available and what languages you can develop in. Thankfully, Microsoft put together a great Silverlight 1.1 Reference poster that was available in printed form at Mix and recently became available through Microsoft downloads.

You can see a reduced version of the image below. OK, so it's more like an enlarged thumbnail since you probably can't glean much information from it. But trust me that the full version is quite large; much larger than we wanted to embed in the team blog. When you follow the link to the full-size image your browser will likely resize it to fit the screen (and it will probably do so with less than stellar results). You can just click the image to zoom in and pan around.

Please click the image or use the link below to obtain the full map.

Full-Size Map (Right-click and Save)

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  1. Silverlight 1.1 Developer RoadmapIt’s always nice to know where you’re going, this is going to be an…

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