Porting WPF to Silverlight 1.1 – 1st of a series…

When I discuss Silverlight 1.1 with ISVs, they almost universally ask what WPF can do that Silverlight 1.1 can't.  Right now, it's hard to provide a straightforward answer to this question, so I'm going attempt to clear up some of the mystery by porting a WPF I wrote to Silverlight 1.1 and reporting on what breaks in the process.

The demo app I wrote includes most of the WPFisms I've grown to know and love (styles, templates, data binding, animation, etc.), and it makes connections to external web services to download reasonably complex object graphs and render map images.

It'll be quite interesting to see which features do and do not work in Silverlight 1.1.  I'll begin by getting a development workstation set up to support this, and I'll then proceed to add features that touch the various namespaces under System.Windows.

Also, I'll verify my work by testing on OSX and seeing what does or does not work on that platform.  It'll take me a little while to get going, but I do commit that I'll keep at it pretty regularly in the near term as I've have several ISVs that have asked be about this and are basing architecture decisions on the outcome of what I find.

So, if you're interested in this topic, fasten your seatbeats...we'll see how it goes together.

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  1. Porting WPF to Silverlight 1.1

  2. SixSix says:

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