Windows Workflow Foundation Web Workflow Approvals Starter Kit

Your developers can jump-start that approval process in your applications. It comes in the form of a starter kit for Windows Workflow.

This starter kit is a Visual Studio 2005 project that demonstrates Windows Workflow Foundation for simple task oriented workflow in an ASP.NET web application in a minimal number of lines of code. A workflow model is used to automate work order requests at a small example company. It includes three pre-defined roles which each play a part in the work order creation, approval and monitoring. The starter kit may be modified for other workflow models to suit other small web based task management systems.

This starter kit can be downloaded from MSDN here. Once installed you can create a new project from the template and press F5 to start the application. This is a great way to try out workflow enabled applications yourself.

Three additional starter kits are on their way. One that shows workflow in a Windows Forms client and Server application. A second which shows basic WCF use in an application. And a third which demonstrates more advanced hosting of both WF and WCF.

Comments (2)

  1. Another week has shot by. Didn’t have any time to look at Silverlight although I have managed to download

  2. tlw says:

    Will there be or is there a VB version of the Web Workflow Approvals Starter Kit?

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