Windows Live announcements

Earlier in my post I outlined the key announcements we made at MIX07. I would like to elobrate on that little bit.

The announcement  were around API suite for

  • Windows Live Space API

  • Windows Live Contacts API

  • Windows Live Presence API

  • Windows Live Messenger Web IM API

  • Microsoft Vitual Earth API

  • Windows Live ID API

Simple and Consistent new business terms with two pricing offers

- Free unlimited commercial offering with full commercial terms license for startups, small/ medium businesses, enthusiasts, hobbyists,bloggers

      750,000 free Live Search API queries per site per month

- Paid Commerical Offering for larger sites with more than 1 million unique users per month

  • Advertising supported Offer: 

               Free unlimited access to all services, Revenue sharing with site owner

  • Non-Advertising supported Offer:

                  $0.25 per unique user per year for unlimited API access, Paid CPM pricing on Liv Search API

Visit to learn more about the APIs.

So here are some exciting times to play with Windows Live APIs.







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