Microsoft Partner Program – Wait, there’s more…

Continuing my previous post on the topic, a couple days ago I discovered that at the Gold Certified level, a partner with the ISV Competency is entitiled to the following:

+ 3 full MSDN subscriptions (I believe they call this level Premium now)
+ any combination of 10 developer and tester Visual Studio Team System roles
+ 1 instance of Team Foundation Server
+ all the CALs necessary to support the above

This is a good story for ISVs at the Gold Level, and a good reason to get there for those who aren't.  For many ISVs, this supports a large portion of a development team, and at that price point, it doesn't hurt to gear them up with the state-of-the-art SDLC tools.

On a lighter note, some of my colleagues inform me that I personally qualify for the Gold Certified level of ISV Incompetency, but that's OK, I never liked them anyway...

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