Invitation to East Region Partner Council – Waltham, MA – 4/9/2007

In the East Region, Bob Familiar and Chris Bowen periodically host events for software architects on the Microsoft platform.  Below is Bob's personal invitation to the event, which is scheduled for the full day and comes complete with dinner and a movie (minus the movie.)

Please attend if you can, and hope to see you there.



INVITATION – Partner Council, April 9th, 2007

Web 2.0, AJAX and Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere!

Our next meeting is on April 9th, 2007 and the theme is Web 2.0, AJAX, WPF and WPF/E. The Web 2.0 session will be useful to the business development folks who are looking at how to position their organization and the Microsoft platform for web application projects. The AJAX and WPF sessions will be very technical and are for our partner architects and developers. Chris and I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Partner Council.







Arrive, fix yourself a drink, grab a seat, relax.


Web 2.0 Overview

Bob Familiar

What is Web 2.0 and how can you leverage the buzz around Web 2.0 to drive services engagements? What is the technology stack for Web 2.0? What are the salient features, technologies and products from Microsoft that you will want to be versed in to make the case for a Web 2.0 oriented project?


ASP.Net AJAX – Deep Dive

Chris Bowen

This session is aimed at architects and developers who want to get a technical session on ASP.Net AJAX 1.0, the AJAX Control Kit and how to leverage these capabilities to build the next generation of browser based applications. The programming models for both Server and Client will be discussed.





WPF and WPF/E – Deep Dive

Bob Familiar


Windows Presentation Foundation is Microsoft’s new unified vector based UI library that combines traditional user interface controls with state of the art 2D and 3D graphics, documents and multi-media elements. A new declarative language XAML and the Expression Suite of Design tools have been introduced to assist developers and designers to work together. Windows Presentation Foundation / Everywhere (WPF/E) offers a subset of the power of WPF as a plug-in to IE and Firefox on Windows and Safari on the Mac. This session will offer architects and developers a deep dive into the capabilities of both WPF and WPF/E using XAML, C# and JavaScript.



Dinner is served



To register for this event, please click the link below. The event ID is 1032335478.


We hope you enjoy these events. For more information or questions, please email East Region DPE Marketing.

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