CTO Summit Redux

Well, another fiscal year, another ISV CTO Summit.  Here are some completely random thoughts about the event as I sequester myself around the one of the few remaining power outlets in the black hole of airline travel that is otherwise known as O'Hare Airport.  At this year's summit, we were treated to:

  • Blue laptop gelpacks with copies of Vista Ultimate courtesy Larry "Mr. Vista" Gregory

  • A few hours of billiards courtesy Warren "8-ball" Wilbee

  • An illegal drive down memory lane courtesy Ashish Jaiman (don't ask...)

  • A lesson complete calm and total mood control courtesy Ahmed el Ramly

  • A overpriced jacket + shirts to match courtesy a certain department store

  • Numerous tips on maximizing clothing value courtesy John Wiese

  • A really neat 3D vector graphics demo courtesy Robert Hess (alpha helicies in blue, beta sheets in orange, all selectable, with primary structure displayed appropriately and active sites appropriately labelled and classified - I could go on and on, but then you'd think I was a biogeek...)

  • Really, really good smoothies courtesy the Westin Bellevue

  • Lots of great discussion, including a few saasy exchanges with a last minute speaker or 2

We also had the pleasure of hosting nearly 150 ISV CTOs from across the US.  It was our pleasure to having you all out to Seatlle, and hope you enjoyed the experience.  We hope to see you there next year, and hope to see more of you there - including Suresh.  🙂

Now if I could just get out of this airport...

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