ISV Web Seminar Debugging Series 2/2: Debugging a Crashing Application

I'm going to be hosting a webcast on April 24th on Debugging Crashing Applications.  This is a follow-up to my first webcast on the Microsoft Debugging Tools for Windows Package. The webcast will begin at 10am Pacific time and last for 1 hour.  Here's a description of the event: 

When it comes to developing applications, debugging is one essential step. During the development process you can debug the code to your heart's content; but what happens once you sell your application? What do you do when your customers call you, screaming "Your application crashes every 10 minutes!" or "I have to stop and restart your application every 5 hours because it runs out of memory!"? Well, Microsoft has a package of debuggers created especially for these types of tasks and with the right knowledge and practice, you too can utilize these tools to solve these problems and others--just like the Microsoft Support team does.

This is the second webcast in our Debugging series, which will walk through how to use the debugging tools available to you to debug a crashing application. This web seminar is a conclusion of the first event in the series, which we highly recommend viewing prior to attending this event. You can register for part one of this series here:


To register for this upcoming webcast visit the MSReadiness site

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