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I’ve spent most of my career specializing in new releases including .NET Framework (1.0), BizTalk 2000, Site Server, Merchant Server, Systems Management Server 1.0, Windows NT, Project 1.0 and even Windows for Pens (circa 1991)! 


While I’m no longer on the front lines, I’m privileged to lead the team of ISV Architect Evangelists that are helping software partners understand the next wave of Microsoft technologies.  Combining our platform with partner domain-specific knowledge results in net new innovation that drives positive local economic impact in addition to just being cool (the Cobol brainwash from Andersen Consulting didn't stick).  


The ISV Architect Evangelist team highlighted a number of innovative partners during our Windows Vista/Office 2007 launch events including Iconics, Mimosa, Document Sciences, Handshake Software, Dendrite, Mobius, Relavis, Waters, and Computer Generated Solutions.  These are just a few of the many ISVs who are leveraging and contributing to the buzz around Windows Vista and 2007 Office System.  


How can we help?


This team blog is version 2 of our efforts to communicate Microsoft innovations and related opportunities for software partners (version 1 was a collection of individual blogs). In Version 3 (historically when MS hits the sweet spot), we would like to better engage the software partner community in (virtual) dialog, exchanging experiences around the new technologies (such as the upcoming Windows Server "Longhorn"). 


What scenarios are you most interested in?


Plug in a comment and we'll correlate with new innovations in the pipeline.





P.S. I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the ISV Evangelism team has 3 openings: 2 MSCRM Specialists (in the Northeast and somewhere in the Central US) and 1 ISV Architect Evangelist (in WA).  If you're a fit, send your resume to my recruiter at Helenax (remove space).

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  1. Larrygr_hot says:

    A recent article reinforces the impact of software innovation (specific to the state of Massachusetts):

    It features Iconics, one of the partners mentioned in my post.

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