Are you an Aspiring Architect? Already an Architect?

Microsoft hosts quarterly meetings for those who are aspiring to be an architect and for those who are already an architect within their company.  These events are called ArcReady and ArcCouncil.  The events are held on the same day in the same location in many places around the US. ArcReady is open to anyone who is or wants to be an architect while ArcCouncil is by invitation only.  You can find an upcoming ArcReady event near you here:

Here is a sample of what is happening at an upcoming event in Downers Grove, IL:

Session 1:  9:00am to 10:15am
An Introduction to Software Architecture (or “What do architects do, anyway?”)

In this session, we’ll take a look at the role of architecture from a historical perspective and learn how to apply this perspective to the modern practice of Software Architecture.  We’ll examine the three major roles that a software architect assumes and how those roles interact with business users to create an architecture plan.  Finally, we’ll examine how architects deliver a plan to produce a quality solution while dealing with the constraints and the availability of resources.

Session 2:  10:30am to 11:45 am
Architecture Assets – Patterns and Frameworks

In this session, we’ll examine the common packaging for architectural assets including Patterns, Frameworks and Reference Implementations.  In order to help aspiring architects to begin using these assets in their current projects, we’ll look at specific examples of these assets implemented on the .NET Platform.  Through demos, scenarios and customer examples we’ll help attendees understand how they can use and learn architectural principles from key architecture assets like Enterprise Library, the Composite Applications Block and the Web Services Software Factory.


The ArcCouncil event takes place in the afternoon following the ArcReady event.  ArcCouncil is an open forum for discussion and is focused on the same topics that were presented at the ArcReady event in the morning.  If you are an architect within your ISV and would like to receive an invitation to your local event, please contact your ISV Architect Evangelist.

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