Tagged Twice: It must be an omen

Well… If you regularly read this blog you know that John has joined the recent game of internet blog tag.   I have also been tagged by a friend of mine Glenn Berry of NewsGator (one of the ISVs I am privileged to work with).  So… I guess I am well and truly it!  


I do not know about John’s proclamation that I am more interesting that him, but I will try and dig deep and come up with a few things that most folks don’t know about me.  Many of you know the easy stuff:

·         Has a large family

·         Long time geek

·         Avid SciFi reader

·         Big time motorcycle enthusiast

·         Etc


Here are 5 things that you don’t know:

·         I once worked as a roadie for a rock band (it was a small Canadian band that only had one ‘Canadian’ hit… you would not know them)

·         Long long ago in a country … well… north of here… I used to teach wilderness survival.

·         I once lived with a motorcycle gang (Well… my wife and I actually rented an apartment in a building that the gang lived at.   It was in a real rough neighborhood.  We were starving students and it was all we could afford.  Two weeks after we moved in, the gang ‘adopted’ us.  To this day I have never felt safer walking any streets then I did walking in that neighborhood.  Once the gang decided we were ‘theirs’, it was better than having an armed escort.)

·         In the last year I have won 2 dance contests.  (Honestly, I am a lousy dancer.  I make the Elaine’s performance in that well known Sienfield episode look downright graceful.  What were those judges thinking?)

·         In my career I have been involved in 7 company acquisitions.  (I have worked for 5 companies that have been bought and have participated in the acquisition of 2 companies).   I often think that one of the great things about working for Microsoft is that the chances of having to be ‘on the receiving end’ of another acquisition are very small.

Well I am not sure if any of you found that edifying but hopefully it amused a few of you. 

I remember from being a kid that the great part about being ‘it’ in a game of tag is that you get to choose the next ‘victim’.   Since I happen to be on the West Coast this week, it only seems appropriate that I tag out team’s Silicon Valley representative.  William… TAG… YOU ARE IT…  I look forward to learning 5 little know facts about you 🙂

Don’t forget to pass it on.

Have fun!



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