ISV Web Seminar: Windows Vista: How to Make Your Applications Compatible

Windows Vista launches in Jan 2007 and in three years 56% of all PCs are expected to be on Vista. While ISVs need to make their applications Vista compatible, this is also the right time to understand how Vista can enable better features for your customers. This webcast dives deep into compatibility challenges and provides guidelines for achieving the "Works with Windows Vista" logo certification. It is ideal for ISVs who are currently transitioning to Vista or would like to understand what it involves. The webcast will cover:

  • What is in Vista for ISVs

  • Typical challenges in making your existing applications compatible

  • Guidelines, resources and tools that can help achieve compatibility

  • Going beyond - an outline of new features and user benefits enabled by Vista

Course Level:

60 minutes

Event Time:
12:00 PM Pacific, USA & Canada (DST) = GMT - 08:00  Jan 17th



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