Live From Redmond

The .NET Framework groups are offering the third series of Live Meeting presentations called “Live from Redmond”.  These talks are given by product team members so the content is directly from the program managers and developers on the team and the attendance and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  Click on the link to register.

Upcoming Smart Client Talks




November 7

Live From Redmond: ClickOnce Tips and Tricks and What’s New in Orcas

Saurabh Pant

November 14

Live From Redmond: Smart Client: Offline Data Synchronization and Caching for Smart Clients

Steve Lasker

November 28

Live From Redmond: Client Application Services in Orcas

Saurabh Pant

December 4

Live From Redmond: Visual Studio: Developing Local and Mobile Data Solutions with SQL Server Everywhere

Steve Lasker

December 6

Live From Redmond: IronPython: Developing Agile but Rich Client Applications Using Python

Mahesh Prakriya


Upcoming Web Talks




November 9

Live From Redmond: Introducing the Microsoft AJAX Control Toolkit

Joe Stagner

November 16

Live From Redmond: Building your own Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Control Extender

Joe Stagner

November 21

Live From Redmond: Using the Microsoft AJAX Library with “Other” Server Technologies

Joe Stagner

November 30

Live From Redmond: Microsoft AJAX Patterns - Implementing Predictive Fetch with Microsoft AJAX

Joe Stagner

December 8

Live From Redmond: An In-Depth Look at the "ListView" Control

Kashif Alam

December 12

Live From Redmond: Team Development on Web Applications

Jim Bresler

Comments (2)

  1. says:

    hi, seems that ‘Live From Redmond: Building your own Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Control Extender’ does not exsited…

  2. wleong says:

    I looked into your inquiry and checked with the speaker.  The AJAX Control Extender session did not happen due to technical difficulties.  Contact me if you need a pointer to alternate materials on the topic.  Thank you.

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