Windows Vista Quality Logo Program "Exclusive" Early Participation Program

The Certified for Windows Vista Quality Logo Program focuses on producing high quality applications for Windows Vista.  The program has the following objectives: improved security, better privacy, enhanced performance, improved compatibility and overall better reliability.  You may have already heard about this program as it was part of the keynote presentation at the Digital Life, as well as featured in a recent New York Times article.

Microsoft is providing ISVs additional marketing and technical benefits for participation in this program.  Some of the benefits ISVs will receive include:

  • 30 MSPP points

  • Windows Market Place opportunities

  • "Ride the Windows Vista Wave" advertising opportunities

  • and more

Microsoft is also offering an "exclusive" benefit program to early participant ISVs who can release Certified for Windows Vista applications to market by June 2007.  Some of these "exclusive" benefits are reimbursed certification fees, launch opportunities and "hand held" support from development to certification, to the fulfillment of program benefits and more.  If you would like to learn more about this special "exclusive" program please contact Curt Maly at

You can find general information about the "Certified for Windows Vista Logo" and the "Works with Windows Vista Logo" by visiting

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