Longhorn Server Ascend Deep Dive Developer Lab

This lab is intended to focus on architectural issues, scenario white-boarding and development with the support of the product teams.  Each participating organization will get their own lab room which can accommodate up to 4 people to help in the development of their solution.  Participants are expected to bring part or all of their application to continue development during the 4 days.  During the developer lab each participating organization will interact with a "buddy" from the product team who is responsible for providing guidance and mentoring during the week.  You can expect to work with a buddy for four hours each day.

Due to high demand, the deep-dive lab has extremely limited capacity and enrollment will be based on a nomination process.  You can obtain a nomination form in the Longhorn Server area on AirFrame.  When it is complete send it to lhsddive@microsoft.com and cc: your ISV Developer Evangelist to be considered for the event.
We are now accepting nomination forms for the December events.  Please submit your form as soon as possible so you may secure a seat in this valuable event.  Nominations will be evaluated based on your project status and scenarios. This information will also help us better prepare for your arrival at the lab.

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