Participate in marketing opportunities associated with the Vista and Office 2007 Launch

In the coming weeks and months, we have a number of activities and events planned leading up to the Business Value launch for Office and Vista on November 30th and the launch season happening worldwide. Placement of your solution on, solution summaries highlighted at local launch events, inclusion in marketing materials for press & analysts, and featured in Microsoft executive keynotes are among the marketing activities that participating ISVs may be able to participate in.


What we’re asking from our ISV partners:

1.     Sign a legal release via Office Systems Solution Directory (OSSD) which grants us permission to use your solution data in launch kits & on

2.     Fill out a one page slide template and submit back to or upload it to OSSD.

3.     Complete a solution profile including customer ready product description, logo and link back to their sites via OSSD.

(For Office, to take advantage of these opportunities (and others), a profile of your partner and its solutions must be published in the Office Systems Solution Directory (OSSD) or Airframe; we’ll be pulling all collateral for all of the opportunities listed above from these systems.)

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