New Logo Program for Windows Vista

Currently we are in the “Early Adoption” phase of the Window’s Vista Quality Program.
In the “Early Adoption” phase Microsoft would like to invite you to review the 1.0v of the technical standards of the program.
 The Windows Vista Quality Program standards will improve user experience in 4 ways:
1)     Security (e.g. prevention of mal-ware)
2)     Compatibility with Vista and future OS
3)     Installs and uninstalls
4)     Reliability (e.g. hangs and crashes)

There are a rich set of marketing benefits associated with this program and the certification test will have Microsoft Partner Program points associated with it.  In addition, Microsoft is willing to offer you additional program benefits for your early participation.
If you are interested in participating in this program please send an email expressing your interest to Curt Maly (

Comments (2)

  1. The US ISV Developer Evangelism Team Blog has some details about the new ISV Logo Program for Windows…

  2. It’s time for ISVs to think about getting their software certifications for Windows Vista. Robert McLaws points to Microsoft’s US ISV Developer Evangelism Team blog where Warren Wilbee tells us that:
    Currently we are in the “Early

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