Welcome/ISV CTO Summit/Opening in Mid-West

Thanks for setting us up, John.  It will be interesting to see just how collaborative we can be among ourselves and with the ISV community at large through a single team blog.

I plan on deprecating my personal blog because I'm not as tech as I used to be and I don't think people viewing MSDN blogs care a great deal about the 'management perspective'.  Nevertheless, I'll chime in from time to time to offer ideas or nudge the conversation in a direction 🙂

I'd like to address a couple loose ends from my own blog: the ISV CTO Summit and our open in the mid-west. 

The ISV CTO Summit (held last month in Redmond) was a huge success thanks to everyone on the team, and Suresh in particular.  It was a great forum to educate our managed ISV CTOs on our product directions and provide access to Microsoft product group execs.  The event was rated 8 out of 9 so we will be doing it again (probably Q1 of 2007, assuming we can resolve funding).

On Friday, we conducted a finals day in Chicago for the last open position on the team.  Alas, we had 3 good candidates, but we didn't think they had the right skills mix for us.  So we will revive the search (based in Chicago or Detroit).  Check out the job description and submit a resume if interested!

That's all for now,

Larry Gregory
Director, US ISV Evangelism


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