Cool Stuff in Longhorn Server: Transactional NTFS

What is Transactional NTFS?  Transactional NTFS is an enhancement to NTFS that allows all file operations on an NTFS file system volume to be performed within the scope of a transaction.  This is made possible by a new transaction infrastructure in the kernel that allows operating system services to participate in transactions via the new…


Microsoft Licenses New Office 2007 UI to Developers

Microsoft is licensing the new UI (user interface) in Office 2007 for free so developers can build applications that look similar to the programs in the suite.  Microsoft is licensing both design and functionality of Office 2007’s Ribbon UI, as well as offering guidelines for implementing it.  Developers and ISVs (independent software vendors) can sign…


BI Rhythm Launched

The Microsoft BI Voyage program is a developer evangelism initiative program offering the following benefits: Get the tools, resources and help you need to be among the first Microsoft partners to deliver integrated Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions. Create new business opportunities by expanding your business application to include integrated reporting and analytics capabilities. Help your…


Sync Microsoft CRM 3.0 with Outlook 2007

You can now efficiently access contacts, tasks and more in Microsoft CRM natively with Outlook 2007. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team has released the latest version of their CRM v3 Outlook Client for Vista and Office 2007. Download it here. A few people have asked me how to set this up and it’s pretty straight forward, here’s an excerpt from the online…


WPF/E SDK Refresh

The WPF/E SDK was refreshed today on the WPF/E Dev Center and MSDN Library.   The WPF/E SDK installer contains: –       Updated SDK docs –       Updated QuickStart –       VS Template support for VS 2005 SP1   “WPF/E” (codename) Software Development Kit (SDK) Community Technology Preview (Dec 2006)   MSDN Library (WPF/E)    …


Join us at a local Windows Vista/Office 2007 Launch Event

Experience the next generation of Microsoft software at an upcoming launch event in your area. Join us to discuss your most complex challenges. Discover solutions. Bring your toughest questions. Walk away with answers. Join us in one of these key cities or find an event closer to you here: New York 1/16/2007 New York City,…


ECMA Has Approved the Office Open XML Standard

Not much to say, but after a long road the new Office Open XML standard has been approved by the ECMA.  Read more at the ECMA and Microsoft sites: Ecma’s official announcement: Microsoft press release:


WPF/E CTP Now Available

“WPF/E” is the Microsoft solution for delivering rich, cross-platform, interactive experiences including animation, graphics, audio, and video for the Web and beyond. Utilizing a subset of XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language)-based Windows Presentation Foundation technology, “WPF/E” will enable the creation of content and applications that run within multiple browsers and operating systems (Windows and Macintosh)…


Visual Studio 2005 for Database Professionals

Join us at one of 23 cities to learn how Visual Studio 2005 for Database Professionals can help your SQL DBAs and Visual Studio developers. Register today at to avoid disappointment. WHO SHOULD ATTEND?SQL development teams, developer teams writing against databases WHERE ARE THE EVENTS?Events are held in 23 cities across the United States….


DevCares Readiness Program

DevCares is a broad reach developer readiness program delivered and hosted monthly by Partners in cities across the United States.  DevCares is a free half-day training series presented by experienced developers designed to provide you with the fastest means for building state-of-the-art applications.  These technical training sessions address the needs and issues of developers with…