Three Apps to Check Out Today

Checkout these three apps. Please rate these apps if you like them. tvtag is the place to be while watching TV. Check in to your favorite shows, comment, react, vote, earn digital stickers, and experience TV with others like never before. Get it here: SocialRadar gives you real-time information about the people around you….


Top 5 Apps for Thursday

Check out these apps today.  If you like the app please give it a rating. Enjoy! Keeeb on Windows 8.1 is the best way to connect to your account. Save anything from the web.  Keeeb is the perfect tool to collect anything that inspires you. May it be for your personal projects, creative ideas…


Top 5 Apps for the Day

Download these apps. If you like these apps, please rate them. WordPop – Do you like word games? Finding stuff? How about popping bubbles? This game is for you! WordPop is a free, fun and addictive word game. Play with your friends or random players to find the hidden words by popping as few bubbles….


5 Windows Apps for the Weekend

Check out these 5 apps. If you like them please rate them. Enjoy! Mathbreakers is a 3-D math exploration game. The app is not usable with keyboard and mouse inputs. If you would like to use a keyboard and mouse please download our game to your PC or Mac from Download Here: MedWhat…


4 Windows Phone Apps to Try

Check out these 4 Windows Phone Apps.  If you like them, please give them a rating. TRAINR™ is a game-changing, fitness application for your smartwatch that automatically tracks your repetitions and exercises. Challenge yourself with our Challenge mode and try to beat your best score, or use our Workout mode and choose from 4 professionally…


Top 5 Apps of the Day

Check these 5 apps today. If you like them, please give them a rating. Birdbox – Group Photos – From holidays and parties to vacations and topics of interest, Birdbox is the easiest way to share and collect photos with groups of people. Choose which photos to share and invite friends to contribute theirs, all…


5 Windows Apps for the Day

Check these 5 apps today. If you like them, please give them a rating.  Scribd is the world’s largest digital library with over 80 million users. Use the Scribd app for unlimited access to over 400,000 books for just $8.99 / month. Included with a subscription are books from over 900 publishers, including NYT bestsellers,…


Windows 8 Apps That Should be On Your End of Year List

This is a repost from our friends at the BizSpark Group Blog. The holidays are here, and that means one thing: you are not going to be doing much work. We hope. But it is a time of the year when you plan on how you are you going to tackle the new year. For…


Free software, services, and support for entrepreneurs and independent developers

Do you have an idea so brilliant, it keeps you up at night? Developers & entrepreneurs, BizSpark can help. The Microsoft® BizSpark® program is FREE and helps your app development ideas come to life. You will have access to over 11 terabytes of software development tools, technical support; be provided connections with key industry players,…


Have a great idea for a game? Bring it to life at Game On!

Join us for this FREE, hands-on event and learn how to build a Windows 8.1 and/or Windows Phone game in record time. We’ll cover everything you need to create, upload and publish an amazing game. Expert developers will outline different game frameworks and give you the tools you need to start building. They’ll also explain…