What is a DAX Expression?

Basic DAX Syntax A DAX formula is comprised of an equal sign followed by a function or expression. Functions perform operations such as concatenating or adding values, calculating sums or averages, or performing logical tests. Functions usually take some kind of argument, which might be a reference to a column or table. Functions can be…


Applied Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services: Tabular Modeling

This book is a few years old, but it remains as a good resource people are using, so I wanted to call out some details about it. I helped out as the Technical Editor and Copy Editor. The author is Teo Lachev. This book is available on Amazon here. You can also view Teo’s book…


NEW BOOK: Applied Power BI by Teo Lachev (Microsoft MVP)

This book is available on Amazon here. You can also view Teo’s book on his site here: http://www.prologika.com/Books/0976635364/Book.aspx   All of us working on Power BI are pretty excited about this book! I helped out with editing the book. This book is the only one of it’s kind… an exhaustive dig into the Power BI…


How QR Codes will change BI Forever

What’s BI? BI is Business Intelligence, or essentially getting intelligence and visualizations like pie charts and bar charts on your data. It’s the next step in what you do with your Excel files. Microsoft provides Power BI features within Excel (such as Power Pivot, Power View, Power Query, Power Map), as well as the full…


Power BI for iPad and iPhone – Now available Worldwide!!!

The “Power BI for iOS” mobile app is now available worldwide! With today’s announcement of Power BI Preview availability worldwide, we are happy to announce the mobile app’s availability as well.  Download the app today and start enjoying Power BI on the go! Visit our website for more details or watch the app preview video.     Special thanks to the Power…


New Power Map Features – Coming Soon!

The Power Map team recently released this video to advertise upcoming features! Check it out:     But one warning… the music is fun at first, but you might want to turn it off when it starts to repeat.    – User Ed


3 new reasons to love Power Query!

Here they are: Performance improvements Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online connector New transformations Get the deets: http://blogs.office.com/2015/03/05/3-updates-excel-power-query/   Performance improvements We’ve made significant Performance improvements to Power Query in a couple of areas: Query load—Performance of loading queries has improved by about 2x-3x in this release, according to our benchmarks. Queries that used to take ~10…


DevScope’s awesome PowerShell module for Power BI API’s

Check out DevScope’s awesome PowerShell module for Power BI API’s on GitHub:   https://github.com/DevScope/powerbi-powershell-modules   PowerBIPS.psm1 A powershell module with cmdlets to interact with the PowerBI developer APIs.   Have a good bye! – Ninja Ed  


Updated Whitepaper: Introducing Microsoft BI Reporting and Analysis Tools

On this white paper: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn655131.aspx?f=255&MSPPError=-2147217396   Carla updated the white paper to include brief overview information on several of our new BI technologies (Power BI Designer, Power BI Preview, Power BI for Windows App, and iPad app for Power BI), with links to additional documentation about these technologies! Introducing Microsoft BI Reporting and Analysis Tools…


Power BI Pricing – What it Is & What it Will Be

What it is… http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/powerBI/pricing.aspx Power BI Add-on for E3/E4 Subscribers $20 $9.99 user/month (billed annually $240 $119.88/year) Standalone $40 $17.99 user/month (billed annually $480 $215.88/year) Power BI Features BI Sites Scheduled Data Refresh Enterprise Data Search Data Stewardship Mobile BI Service Natural Language Query What it will be… http://powerbi.com/dashboards/pricing Power BI Free! Features: Data Capacity Limit: 1 GB/user Create, view, and share personal…