Microsoft Coding Camps for Kids!

Did you know that Microsoft has had coding programs and camps for kids… for over 15 years??? Well, consider yourself informed! Microsoft K-12 CS Programs 1. IGNITE Worldwide Girls Events IGNITE = Inspiring Girls Now in Technology Evolution IGNITE Worldwide started in 1999! Check out IGNITE’s website. Microsoft teams with Small Basic and IGNITE to teach girls how to…


Microsoft – Kids Can Code!!!

Did you know that Microsoft has had tools and programs to teach kids to code… for 8 years??? Well, consider yourself informed! Microsoft K-12 CS Tools 1. Small Basic – Download Microsoft Small Basic When: Small Basic started in 2008! Format: Text-Based Coding (the only text-based coding language + IDE built for kids!) Age: 8+…


DO YOU TEACH MINECRAFT? Want to collaborate with us?

Teachers, School Staff, Curriculum Providers, Home School Staff, and Other Student Trainers, Do you teach (or help train students on) Minecraft? Do you want to chat with a bunch of Microsoft engineers and employees about it, as well as teachers who are also teaching Minecraft, all around the world? Do you want to learn from…


Teach Kids to Code with Minecraft and!

Microsoft and team up again! You know, I’m just going to let the Minecraft team and do their own talking on this one…   And here’s a direct link to the Minecraft module:     It starts off with a video from Jens, who leads development on Minecraft:     There are…


Minecraft Adventure Mode: Underground Base

Please follow along with the Mine Craft adventures from my friends’ son, SonicBigBoom:   That growling in my right ear is freaking me out! =^) Thanks for stopping by!    – Ninja Ed