Visual Studio Community – Free Python Development Tools!

But isn’t all Python free? Yes! As it should be. But now you get the sweet Visual Studio features for Python… FOR FREE!!!   Download Visual Studio Community here:   And we’re going to dig into it! When? Right now!!!   Python Tools for Visual Studio Completely free Python support within Visual Studio. CPython,…


Visual Studio Code – NEW FEATURES: JavaScript – Salsa Preview

The 0.10.8 January release features a myriad of improvements, including… JavaScript – Salsa Preview The JavaScript language service in VS Code has always been powered by TypeScript. We are migrating to a new JavaScript language service implementation called Salsa. Salsa will become available with TypeScript 1.8 but for the January update, we are providing way…


Visual Studio Code – All the Git Features!!!

Visual Studio Code supports Git… like a BOSS!!! VS Code gets Git!   Let’s look at the features! Git version control Commit, diff, pull and push Embrace modern workflows with the power and flexibility of Git. See changed files, diffs, and make commits right from within the editor. Connect with the entire Git universe by…


Visual Studio Code – NEW FEATURES: 4 Great Debug Improvements! (Text Wrapping, Breakpoints Visuals, Extension Debugging, & Debug Adapter Development)

The 0.10.5 December release features a plethora of improvements, including… Debug Console Wraps Text We now wrap long text in the debug console. Debug Breakpoints Polish We now show breakpoints in a more intuitive way: A red filled circle represents an active breakpoint. A gray filled circle represents a disabled breakpoint. A gray hollow circle…


Visual Studio Code – NEW FEATURES: Git Services, Git Status, & GitHub!!!

The 0.10.5 December release features a plethora of improvements, including… Scoped Git Services It is now possible to open a sub-directory of a Git repository in VS Code. VS Code’s Git services will still work as usual, showing all changes within the repository, but file changes outside of the scoped directory are shaded and have…


Visual Studio Code – NEW FEATURES: 3 Big Improvements (File Picker, Fuzzy Search, & Persisted Zoom Level)

The 0.10.5 December release features a plethora of improvements, including… File Picker improvements and fuzzy search The file picker (“Quick Open”) is now able to search on file paths when you include slash (Mac/Linux) or backslash (Windows) in the search term. This allows you to list all the files of a directory easily. A new…


Visual Studio Code – NEW FEATURES: 4 Language Improvements (JavaScript, TypeScript, JSX, & TSX)

The 0.10.5 December release features a plethora of improvements, including… ES6 is the new default We have made ES6 the default for JavaScript files. This means you don’t need to create jsconfig.jsonfiles to enable new syntax and by default you get suggestions for ES6-types, like Promise, Set, Map,String.startsWith and much more. Thanks to a community contribution. At the same time, the…


Visual Studio Code – NEW FEATURES: 7 Big Extension Improvements!!! (Debugging, Outdated Extensions, Installation Issues, Proxy Support, Deactivation, JSON Schema, and Language Server)

The 0.10.5 December release features a plethora of improvements. Let’s get started! But first…  Do not forget to check out the marketplace for new extensions. Extension Debugging We improved extension debugging when connecting the debugger to the extension. The debugger will no longer try to reconnect to the extension when you close the ‘Extension Host`….


Visual Studio Team Services – NEW FEATURES: Dashboards edit mode!

These features were included in the December update…  Dashboards edit mode We’ve added a new mode to all dashboards called “edit mode”. Edit mode helps prevent the inadvertent moving of widgets on your dashboards during the day-to-day consumption experience. To enter edit mode, click the pencil icon in the bottom right-side of your dashboard. Once…


Visual Studio Code – NEW RELEASE: v0.10.5 – New Insider’s Channel + 32 New Features/Updates!!!

We have a new December release! First, the Visual Studio Code team would like to thank you with a personal note and information about closing bugs on GitHub. Please read that here:   Next, let’s look at the new Insider’s Channel feature so you can automatically get the prerelease builds! Insider’s Channel There is now…