Visual Studio Team Services – NEW MARCH RELEASE: 13 Improvements (Viewing Test Results, Triggers, Board Drill Down, Testing from a Work Item, & More!)

For the March 3 release, Visual Studio Team Services features 17 great improvements!


Several of these new features are actually groups of features, so there are a lot more than 17 improvements.

Let's get started by learning about the first new feature...

View test results for each release environment

We’ve enabled a feature that lets you view test quality and test results in context of release. The Tests tab in the Release summary page will show you test status of each environment in which tests have run. The status includes count of passed and failed tests, pass percentage, and test duration, for a particular environment or for the entire release, across all environments. You can drill down into the error message, stack trace and test attachments for failed tests without having to navigate away from the Release summary page. From here you can create bugs for failed tests and auto-populate the bug with related information (error messages, stack traces, etc.).

Viewing test results  



Next, here are all the new features:

  1. View test results for each release environment
  2. Triggers: Deploy based on completion in multiple environments (join)
  3. Epic and Feature board drill-down
  4. Exploratory testing directly from a work item
  5. Data collection: Image action log
  6. Create test cases based on Image action log data
  7. Assigning configurations to test plans, test suites and test cases
  8. Squash merge pull requests
  9. Clone in IntelliJ, Android Studio, etc.
  10. Gated builds for Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC)
  11. Automated testing on Azure environments
  12. NuGet package delist
  13. Office connector


That's 13 big improvements for VSTS! A lot of the improvements above are actually small buckets with multiple updates in them!


Find the details for each of those features for the March 3 release of Visual Studio Team Services:


Have a good buy.

   - Ninja Ed

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