Computational Thinking – Videos & Papers by Jeannette Wing

At Microsoft, we're proud to have one of the forefront researchers and authors/speakers of Computational Thinking, Jeannette Wing, as a member of Microsoft Research.


In this blog post, we'll dig into Jeannette's content. We'll go through it chronologically!

About Jeannette Wing:


Books & Publications:

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Jeanette Wing On Stage


Now let's get to the chronology! The chronology below focuses on Computational Thinking.

11/25/05 - Article

Computational thinking

03/06 - Article

Jeannette published this powerful whitepaper on Computational Thinking

07/01/06 - Article

Q&A with Jeannette Wing


09/06 - Presentation

Jeannette M. Wing. Two Messages for the General Public

06/14/07 - Audio

Jon Udell's Interviews with Innovators - Dr. Jeannette Wing

2007 - Presentation

Computational Thinking

09/26/08 - Video

(Uploaded 04/19/12): Computational Thinking: Two and a Half Years Later:

04/06/09 - Article

Jeannette Wing: The Computational Thinker

06/09 - Video

(Uploaded 01/11/12): Telecom ParisTech - Computational Thinking

06/30/09 - Article

Jeannette Wing on Computational Thinking

10/30/09 - Video

Jeannette M. Wing - Computational Thinking and Thinking About Computing

02/09/11 - Video

Jeannette Wing: Computational Thinking

03/04/11 - Presentation

Computational Thinking

03/06/11 - Article

Computational Thinking - What and Why - by Jeannette Wing

03/22/11 - Article

A Definition of Computational Thinking from Jeannette Wing

12/28/11 - Video

TEDxPittsburgh – Jeannette Wing – Tiny/Humongous

02/16/12 - Video

"A Day in the Life"

03/20/12 - Video

Jeannette Wing Lecture - "Computational Thinking"

04/16/12 - Video

Jeannette Wing Lecture – “Computational Thinking”

[Note: Need to find current video version.]

10/25/12 - Video

(Uploaded 02/14/13) Towards a Theory of Trust in Networks of Humans and Computers

10/26/12 - Video & Presentation

Microsoft Research Asia: Faculty Summit 2012 - Computational Thinking - Jeannette Wing

02/15/13 - Video

Davos 2013 – An Insight, An Idea with Jeannette Wing

06/23/13 - Video

Prof. Jeannette Wing – Computational Thinking

11/22/13 - Video

Luminaries: Jeannette Wing of Microsoft Research

01/10/14 - Article

Computational Thinking Benefits Society - by Jeannette Wing

02/10/14 - Video

Computational Thinking with Jeanette Wing

06/10/14 - Article

Full Curriculum: Introduction to computational thinking

Note that this OpenLearn team made a full set of curriculum content based on Jeannette's presentations and papers!

10/29/14 - Video

Microsoft Research Asia: Faculty Summit 2014 - Computational Thinking in the Sciences and Beyond

01/23/15 - Video

TechVista: Microsoft Research India - Computational Thinking

07/08/15 - Video & Image

Microsoft Research Faculty Summit - Advancements in AI


12/16/15 - Article

Jeannette Wing promotes computational thinking at World Computer Congress

Thank you for reading! Have a day! Not just any day. Have this one!

- Ninja Ed

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