Visual Studio Code – NEW FEATURES: 4 Great Debug Improvements! (Text Wrapping, Breakpoints Visuals, Extension Debugging, & Debug Adapter Development)

The 0.10.5 December release features a plethora of improvements, including...

Debug Console Wraps Text

We now wrap long text in the debug console.

debug console word wrap

Debug Breakpoints Polish

We now show breakpoints in a more intuitive way:

  • A red filled circle represents an active breakpoint.
  • A gray filled circle represents a disabled breakpoint.
  • A gray hollow circle represents a breakpoint which could not be successfully registered with the debugger. For languages that are transpiled to JavaScript, this could mean that source maps are missing or invalid.

Extension Debugging

We improved extension debugging when connecting the debugger to the extension. The debugger will no longer try to reconnect to the extension when you close the 'Extension Host`. In addition, the debugger will connect faster to your extension.

Debug Adapter Development

For Node.js based debug adapter development, we've made the VS Code Debug Protocol and an adapter default implementation available as npm modules:

The source for these modules lives in the GitHub repository vscode-debugadapter-node. Both mock-debug and node-debug have been updated to use the npm modules.



Check out all the new features and update to Visual Studio Code v0.10.6:


Thanks for stopping. Bye!

   - Ninja Ed

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