Visual Studio Code – NEW FEATURES: 3 Big Improvements (File Picker, Fuzzy Search, & Persisted Zoom Level)

The 0.10.5 December release features a plethora of improvements, including...

The file picker ("Quick Open") is now able to search on file paths when you include slash (Mac/Linux) or backslash (Windows) in the search term. This allows you to list all the files of a directory easily.

Path Search in File Picker

A new setting filePicker.alternateFileNameMatching enables fuzzy searching for the file picker. Once enabled, the search term will match on the full path of the file by default, without having to include path separators in the query. In addition, a search term will match in a more fuzzy way on the path compared to the default. For example, a search for fb will match a file foobar because the filename contains f and b. We also added a new sorter for the picker when fuzzy searching is enabled which tries to put the most relevant results to the top. Please try out this feature and give us feedback so that we can tune the experience.

Fuzzy Search in File Picker

Persisted Zoom Level

A new setting window.zoomLevel allows you to change and persist the zoom level of the window. The default value is 0 and each increment increases the zoom level by 20% similar to the effect of the View menu Zoom in command.  Unlike the zoom level set with the Zoom in and Zoom out commands, the window.zoomLevel is a setting persisted across VS Code sessions.


Check out all the new features and update to Visual Studio Code v0.10.6:


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