Visual Studio Code – NEW FEATURES: 7 Big Extension Improvements!!! (Debugging, Outdated Extensions, Installation Issues, Proxy Support, Deactivation, JSON Schema, and Language Server)

The 0.10.5 December release features a plethora of improvements. Let's get started! But first... 

Do not forget to check out the marketplace for new extensions.

Extension Debugging

We improved extension debugging when connecting the debugger to the extension. The debugger will no longer try to reconnect to the extension when you close the 'Extension Host`. In addition, the debugger will connect faster to your extension.

Extensions Show Outdated Extensions

Thanks to a community contribution, there is now a Show Outdated Extensions command, that shows all outdated extensions and lets you quickly install their updates.

Installed Extension Issues

If VS Code identifies an issue with an installed extension, it will display an issues prompt on the Status Bar.  Click on the issues prompt to see the extension issue details and have the option to uninstall the extension.

extension issues

There is now proxy support for the extension gallery.

Extension Deactivation

If an extension exports a function named deactivate(), VS Code now calls it on shutdown.

JSON Schema Contributions

Extensions can now contribute JSON schema associations. The jsonValidation contribution point takes a file pattern and the URL of the JSON schema.

    "contributes": {
        "jsonValidation": [{
            "fileMatch": ".jshintrc",
            "url": ""

Alternatively, extensions can also give the path to a schema file in the extension folder:

    "contributes": {
        "jsonValidation": [{
            "fileMatch": ".htmlhintrc",
            "url": "./schemas/htmlhintrc.schema.json"

Language Server Extensions

The language server protocol now supports all available language features. Please see the Language Server example for details on how to implement a language server.



Check out all the new features and update to Visual Studio Code v0.10.6:


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