NEW BOOK: Applied Power BI by Teo Lachev (Microsoft MVP)

This book is available on Amazon here.

You can also view Teo's book on his site here:


All of us working on Power BI are pretty excited about this book! I helped out with editing the book.

This book is the only one of it's kind... an exhaustive dig into the Power BI feature-set on both Cloud and On-Prem. But I'm going to let the writer of the book's foreword speak to this:

"The true power in Power BI cannot be appreciated without understanding what the offering can do and how to best use it. That is why resources like this fantastic book will become instrumental for you. This book starts by providing an overview of the foundational components of Power BI. It introduces Power BI Desktop, data modeling concepts, building reports, publishing and designing dashboards. Readers will be up and running in no time.

It then moves on to bring you up to speed on deeper dive topics such as data gateways, data re-fresh, streaming analytics, embedding and the Power BI data visualization API. Not only is Teo one of the first people in the world to learn and write about Power BI 2.0, he also brings a wealth of knowledge from deploying the first real-world implementations. Much like Teo's previous books on Analysis Services and Reporting Services, this Power BI book will be a must read for serious Microsoft professionals. It will also empower data analysts and enthusiasts everywhere."

Jen Underwood
Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Business Intelligence



Next, let's dig into the Amazon reviews!

See all the reviews here!

We have three reviews so far. Here is the first from Marco Russo, Microsoft MVP and author of 14 books on technologies like Excel, SQL Server, and Power BI:

Complete coverage of Power BI 2.0 features

I'm impressed about the breadth of the topics covered by Teo Lachev in this book, I've just took a quick look at every chapter, and Teo covered all the topics at least at the point where you can start doing something (and in some chapter also more than just an intro). Considering the speed of Power BI releases and the effort required in writing a book, I know the huge effort behind this. My kudos to this book!

 Next up, we have another astonishing review. This one is from Kieran Wood:

This is a must have publication for all Business Intelligence Professionals

This is an excellent book which covers the exciting opportunities which Power BI presents in Analysing data using this wide reaching toolset. I particularly like the way the book is structured grouping chapters by Business Users, Data Analysts, Pros and Developers. I am also impressed by the inclusion of features covered in this publication such as "R script" as a data source. This feature was only released shortly before the publication date of this book!

And here's the final review, from Hikmer:

Covers the newest version of Power BI (2.0) and associated technologies.

Got my copy today and very impressed, not only does it cover all the latest PowerBI also explains how to model and transform the data with working examples. Even someone who has been testing this technology out for months will stand to learn a few things they didn't know from this book (I did). I'd suggest it be on anyone's desk from the casual user to the more advanced has topics for everyone in between as well. Hoping for future books or articles that dive deeper into some of the material, but that should be expected from such a breadth of technology.

That last review also features a comment/reply from the author, Teo:

Thank you for the great review! If you have a question that isn't covered in sufficient detail, please post it to the book forum (the link is on the book page at


So if this book is what you're looking for, take a look here:



- Ninja Ed

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