Visual Studio Team Services – NEW FEATURES: 3 Work Item Improvements (Discussion, History, Deleting)

These features were included in the December update... 

Work item discussion

One of the most common requests from users of our new work item form has been the ability to see discussions in the main page and in the context of other fields. You’ll now find the discussion experience lives on the bottom left of all work item types and lets you interact with others without having to move away from the core fields. The new discussion experience also includes support for @mentions (people) and #mentions (other work items) directly in the discussion control.

Work item discussion 

Work item history improvements

Our December update also includes some improvements to the history experience for all work item types.

  • Pagination and revision count
  • Separation of the state graph from history
  • Auto-expansion of the most recent revision
  • Absolute timestamps
  • Some UX styling improvements
  • Performance improvements

Most of these changes are cosmetic, but you’ll see more coming to improve work item history next year.

Deleting work items

And finally (and I can’t believe I’m actually saying it), you now have the ability to delete work items, complete with a recycle bin experience! This capability replaces the previously used "Removed" states on work items. We’ve implemented delete as a unique permission, so you can hang on to fine-grained control over who has access to this capability.

Deleting a work item 



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  1. Parameshwaran Iyer says:

    this is a fantastic improvement, especially the delete item functionality. It happens all the time that work items get created but do not get used and getting them deleted is almost impossible.

    One other feature of TFS that could be nice is to re-send the same code-review shelveset post changes. Currenty, after a code review one needs to create a fresh code-review request and the only thing possible is to link to the previous request.



  2. BLOG POST UPDATE: I just clarified when the release was a little better. Minor changes.

  3. Param, you have a good idea. Did you submit it to the User Voice site? Maybe make sure it's not up yet first.


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