Visual Studio Code – NEW FEATURE: Yo Code – Streamlined Customizations for VS Code

This feature was added in October in Visual Studio Code v0.9.1.

12/14/15 NOTE: VS Code is already up to version 0.10.3 (or higher for when you read this), and the Yo Code feature set has grown exponentially! Please check out the latest features here.

Now back to the announcement from November...


We re-purposed the Yeoman generator we used for the VS Code Node.js sample generator-code and we are now using this to make creating common customizations easier.

Tip: If you still want access to the sample, you can find out how on the Node.js page.

In this release of the generator, we have the ability to create two common customizations:

  1. Additional color themes
  2. Syntax highlighters/bracket matchers

In the future, we'll add other options for rich customization of VS Code.

If you have a TextMate color theme (.tmTheme) or a TextMate language specification (.tmLanguage), you can bring them into VS Code using the 'code' Yeoman generator.

Install and run the code Yeoman generator as follows:

  1. npm install -g yo
  2. npm install -g generator-code
  3. yo code

yo code

The Yeoman generator will walk you through creating your customization prompting for the required information. Once the generator is finished, copy the generator's output folder to a new folder under the.vscode/extensions folder and restart VS Code to use the new features.

In the future you will be able to publish these customizations to an external gallery to share them with the community.

Tip: If you want to share your customization with others in the meantime, you can simply send them a copy of the output from the generator and ask them to add it under their.vscode/extensions folder.


Check out all the new features and update to VSC v0.10.3:


Have a great day!

   - Ninja Ed

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