Teach Kids to Code with Minecraft and Code.org!

Microsoft and Code.org team up again!

You know, I'm just going to let the Minecraft team and Code.org do their own talking on this one... https://code.org/


And here's a direct link to the Minecraft module:



It starts off with a video from Jens, who leads development on Minecraft:



There are a lot of next steps you can take in your (or your student's) learning adventure, after you're done with this awesome code block editing goodness. One step is Microsoft Small Basic, which is a text-based programming language (object-oriented, built off of BASIC and Visual Basic), made for learners (starting at age 8 -- you learn while you go), and it graduates you into the free Visual Studio Code, where you'll learn Visual Basic, Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, Ruby, HTML, and more! Mix in some amazing social sharing/collaborating features, support for Lego Mindstorms EV3, and support for Microsoft Kinect, and you have a fantastic teaching tool! See all the Unique Features of Microsoft Small Basic.


Progress on to Microsoft Small Basic:

  1. Explore:
    1. The Unique Features of Small Basic
    2. 49 Small Basic Student Testimonies
  2. Learn:
    1. Small Basic Getting Started Guide
    2. Small Basic Teaching Curriculum
    3. Small Basic Reference Documentation
  3. Engage:
    1. Small Basic Blog
    2. Small Basic MSDN Forum

Have a good bye!

   - Ninja Ed



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