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More about MouseMove

The MouseMove event reports that the mouse cursor has moved within the GraphicsWindow. As the mouse is moved, the GraphicsWindow might receive a flood of MouseMove events. If the cursor is moved slowly, your application might receive a MouseMove event for every point in the cursor’s path. On the other hand, if the cursor’s moved quickly over the GraphicsWindow, your application might receive a handful of MouseMove events. It all depends on how fast your application can process these events.

The Windows operating system has a special way for delivering the MouseMove events so that an application isn’t overwhelmed by these events: your application receives a MouseMove event notification only when it’s ready to handle it. If your application’s busy doing other things while the mouse is moving, Windows won’t just add another MouseMove event in your application’s event queue. But when your application’s ready to handle a new event, Windows raises a MouseMove event with the latest coordinates of the mouse cursor. The GraphicsWindow object saves these coordinates in its MouseX and MouseY properties before calling the registered event handler subroutine.


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