Small Basic – The Dragon Game

How have you built or improved on your Dragon Game?


Please leave a comment with any ideas you've had when building a dragon game!

This first example game is a Text game where you try to slay a dragon: 


The next example comes from Small Basic Community Council member, Nonki:

Dragon Versus Turtle - Small Basic Featured Game by Nonki

Screen shot of a program Dragon and Turtle 0.1a

Screen shot of a program Dragon vs Turtle 0.5a


The third game is another Dragon Game. This one is from Athasak, and, well, it's beautiful:

Small Basic - Thar Be Dragons!!!

Screen shot of a program Dragon Game


We're also made it a challenge to create a dragon game in the May Small Basic Challenges: Small Basic Challenges for May 2015 - Puzzles, Money, Capatcha, Files, & Dragons! Oh My!!!



Have a great week that's Small and Basic!

   - Ninja Ed



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