Small Basic Subroutines – Abstraction and Information Hiding

Abstraction and Information Hiding

What is a subroutine?

Think of a subroutine as a black box that hides what’s inside it. But this box includes some wires (interfaces) that let you feed data into the box and get information from it, as shown in the figure below. As a programmer, you only need to know what this box does, not how it does it.

A subroutine hides how complicated the code is. You can use a subroutine without worrying about how it’s implemented. This way, you can ignore the low-level details and look at the problem at a higher level. Information hiding (or abstraction) is very important in computer science, to manage complex code and to write great software! Besides, now you know some computer jargon you can use to impress your friends (and woo the ladies/geeky boys)!

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