Small Basic Keywords

Small Basic only has a few keywords (also called reserved words) that have a special meaning to the compiler. There are 14 keywords and another 2 operators (And, Or), totaling 16 reserved words.

A list of Small Basic keywords is shown below.

If, Then, Else, ElseIf, EndIf, For, To, Step, EndFor, While, EndWhile, Sub, EndSub, Goto, And, Or

As you’ll discover during your learning journey, you’ll be able write some pretty powerful programs using this handy handful of keywords!

Learn more about Small Basic:

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   - Ninja Ed & Majed Marji

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  1. Herman J Muller says:

    In 1982 I wrote three teaching manuscripts about Microsoft Basic and File manipulation. I just learned about the Microsoft Small basic so, I looked it up and down-loaded what ever I could find at the Microsoft down-load site. First I was disappointed with the scarcity of the learning material but the biggest surprise was, Why did Microsoft created a whole new Basic? What we had in 1982 (an IBM Basic written by Microsoft) was easy to understand and we all migrated into Visual Basic without a problem. Also, I was unable to located a list of commands, reserved words etc. How is the text located on the screen, they use "locate". "@" or what, I can not find that information either. Anyone can tell me where we can find the nomenclature of the entire Small Basic language? My email is

  2. Herman,

    I'll also send this in email…

    You wrote, "First I was disappointed with the scarcity of the learning material "

    That's odd. Because Small Basic has more robust educational materials than anything else. Our curriculum includes downloads to decks and files. Our curriculum is translated into 19 languages. The Small Basic UI is in 20 languages. Our Getting Started guide is in 21 languages. Most software is in 10-14 languages.

    We also have full Reference Docs. All this is linked on But here it is as well:


    Getting Started Guide:…/16059.small-basic-getting-started-guide.aspx

    Reference Docs:…/23583.small-basic-reference-documentation.aspx

    Programming Books:…/16386.small-basic-e-books.aspx

    All Wiki Articles:…/

    You wrote, "Why did Microsoft created a whole new Basic?"

    This is for a different audience. This is for kids learning how to code. Small Basic is a simplified version of Visual Basic that exists to be Fun, Simple, Social, and Gradual, graduating students into Visual Basic and Visual Studio Community. There, students can continue learning C# and C++, as well as Java, Python, and Ruby.

    So this is a CS educational tool for kids… the only of its kind (a full text-based learning language + IDE).

    There's nothing wrong with BASIC, Q-BASIC, and Visual Basic. This just exists for a different purpose. It exists to be so incredibly easy that anyone can learn how to code.

    Vijaye explained it back in his first blog post about it, in 2008:…/hello-world.aspx



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