Small Basic – The Properties of the TextWindow Object

Table: The properties of the TextWindow object




 Gets or sets the foreground color for the text in the output window.

 You set the desired color by number or name. The possible values are:

 0=Black                  1=DarkBlue       2=DarkGreen

 3=DarkCyan           4=DarkRed       5=DarkMagenta

 6=DarkYellow         7=Gray             8=DarkGray

 9=Blue                  10=Green         11=Cyan

 12=Red                 13=Magenta     14=Yellow



 Gets or sets the background color for the output window.
 You tell Small Basic the color by giving it the number or name, as shown


 Gets or sets the cursor's column position on the text
 window (how far to the right). The first column has a value of 0.


 Gets or sets the cursor's row position on the text window
 (how far down). The top row value is 0.


 Gets or sets the left position of the text window relative
 to the desktop.


 Gets or sets the top position of the text window relative
 to the desktop.


 Gets or names the title for the text window.


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Have a Small and Basic day!

   - Ninja Ed & Majed Marji

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