3 new reasons to love Power Query!

Here they are:

  • Performance improvements
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online connector
  • New transformations

Get the deets:



Performance improvements

We’ve made significant Performance improvements to Power Query in a couple of areas:

  • Query load—Performance of loading queries has improved by about 2x-3x in this release, according to our benchmarks. Queries that used to take ~10 minutes before this update, now only take between 3-4 minutes. We encourage you to try your own scenarios and let us know if you’re hitting these Performance levels.
  • Excel workbook import—We’ve improved latency when connecting to Excel workbooks from Power Query. You should see lower times to load previews, which translates into a more responsive experience in the Query Editor.


New transformations

These transformations were already possible via custom formulas, but now have been made much more usable.

  • Age and Subtract operations for Date/Time columns—When working with Date/Time columns, it’s often useful to calculate difference between two Date/Time columns (for example, order date add ship date) or to calculate the Age or Date/Time difference between a given date and “now.” These options are now available in the Date and Time menus, under the Transform and Add Column ribbon tabs.


  • Aggregate Columns: Option to disable column name prefix—The option to disable column name prefix has been expanded to the Aggregate Columns menu. (This option was added a few months ago to Expand Columns.)  With this option, users can decide upfront whether to include a name prefix based on the original column name to the Aggregate Columns output.





   - Ninja Ed

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