Updated Whitepaper: Introducing Microsoft BI Reporting and Analysis Tools

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Carla updated the white paper to include brief overview information on several of our new BI technologies (Power BI Designer, Power BI Preview, Power BI for Windows App, and iPad app for Power BI), with links to additional documentation about these technologies!

Introducing Microsoft BI Reporting and Analysis Tools

Summary: This article assists you with choosing the reporting and analysis tools that meet your organization’s BI needs. Microsoft provides a variety of BI tools that can address key workloads, such as Power BI and Excel. The article discusses the workloads and the tools that best support each workload.

To view a mapping of Microsoft BI tools to data analysis and reporting workloads, see Choosing Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) Tools for Analysis and Reporting.

Authors: Carla Sabotta

Technical Reviewers: Mike Plumley, Maggie Sparkman, Parikshit Savjani

Published: February, 2015

Applies to: SQL Server 2014, SharePoint 2013, Excel 2013, Office 365


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